Everyone knows you have your best and most complex thoughts in the shower. What about the shower allows our brains to travel into the realm of strange and endless possibilities where a stream of coincidences suddenly all make sense? Once you get out and dry off, all of those brilliant ideas seem to evaporate like the steam from the hot shower.

It turns out that there is a science behind shower thoughts. Taking a shower provides the perfect combination of several factors enabling your brain to deep-dive into creativity. We'll tell you where shower thoughts come from (and no, it isn't the space where all of the left socks go in the dryer), why the shower is the perfect setting for them, and what their cost is (PS: it might be a shower replacement).

Shutting Down and Feeling Good

The time of day you take a shower plays a role in how deep your shower thoughts go. Early in the morning or late at night, when you're most tired, will actually help generate shower thoughts. During your waking hours at the office or managing your household, your prefrontal cortex (the decision-making area of your brain) is in overdrive. It's constantly taking in information and analyzing tasks.

Dopamine is another major contender in shower thought generation, but don't lose sight of the prefrontal cortex. Hopefully, your shower experience is a positive one. You should have excellent water pressure with hot water and all of the aromatics of your favorite scents, creating a spa-like event. Consider a new shower if this isn't the image your shower conjures.

As you're in the shower, your prefrontal cortex slows down, and dopamine increases, creating a change in roles. The prefrontal cortex gives way to dopamine, creating the ideal environment for your thoughts to explode.

Shower Thoughts at a Cost

The longer your brain can relax and feel good at the same time, the more creative freedom it has to wander. This is good news and bad news. The good news is, we're telling you those longer showers are actually good for creativity. The bad news is longer showers actually prompt the need to talk about energy-efficient shower heads (but there's more good news there too).

A Shower Remodel to Solve the World's Problems

If you have suddenly found the secret laboratory for all of your genius ideas to leak out and make your millions, then we probably should revisit those energy-efficient shower head ideas. Seriously, some of them aren't even noticeably different from non-efficient heads. If your current bathroom system isn't invoking that spa-like image earlier, you also might want to upgrade. Who knows, you might be one bathroom remodel away from figuring out just where all of those left socks do go?