Maybe your current shower lacks functionality, or perhaps it's broken and causing damage to your home's structure. For whatever reason, you've decided you need a new shower. Still, thinking of the process of remodeling and the options available could quickly lead to an endless spiral of more questions than answers.

Shower systems come in several different types, styles, and features available. When you combine all of these options, you get thousands of combinations to consider making it challenging to know which kind of shower replacement is right for you.

Different Shower Types

When it comes to types of showers available, there are three main systems that you might consider: manual mixer, thermostatic mixer, and electric showers.

Manual mixer systems are in most homes today. Manual mixer systems mix hot and cold water manually through levers on the wall. Changes in temperature while showering need to be manually adjusted by those wall levers.

However, a thermostatic shower mixer ensures the temperature of your shower stays the same from start to finish. Other water sources in your home do not affect a thermostatic shower. However, if your home currently has a manual mixer, this shower system has conversions and costs.

Electric showers have a separate heating element and do not require a hot water source. Electric shower systems can be installed in places where it would be harder or require more extensive plumbing work; however, they are not the most energy-efficient system. 

Bathroom Conversion Options

Now that you know the different shower systems in place, we can talk about conversion options. Common bathroom conversions include tub-to-shower, bathtub and shower combinations, and walk-in bathing options.

Converting an old bathtub into a shower is one way to increase the functionality of your bathroom. Converting a tub-to-shower offers multiple design features and customizable accessories to make the most out of the space. Choose options with built-in soap caddies, shelving, or seating to meet your family's needs and conserve water.

If your home only has one bathroom, you don't have to take a bath away altogether. A bathtub and shower combination will allow you to bathe young children or take a relaxing soak in a tub and provide the efficiency of showering when needed.

Whether you desire a bath or a shower, there are walk-in options for both. Walk-in bathing minimizes tripping or falling risks that can be present in traditional bathtub or shower designs. Walk-in bathing options provide a safer environment for people with limited mobility.

Knowing Your Bathroom Remodel Needs

Knowing the different types of showers and options for a bathroom remodel will help ensure your bathroom gives you precisely what you need. Whether you need increased functionality, efficiency, or a safer bathing experience, there are plenty of options to make your bathroom serve you with an improved purpose. Legacy Remodeling is a trusted local bathroom remodeling company with decades of experience. Give us a call to learn more today.