Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When remodeling your bathroom, your mind will first go toward what kind of shower or bath you want, whether it be a standard replacement shower or a walk-in shower. However, it’s also important to envision how you want the space to look, too. Trends are always changing, but there are so many directions you can head in when it comes to your bathroom.

At Kohler Showers by Legacy Remodeling, we have over 35 years of experience renovating bathrooms of all shapes and sizes in the Pittsburgh metro area. So, we’ve compiled some of the top bathroom styles from which you can choose for your home. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 10 bathroom designs that will transform your bathroom into the luxurious space you deserve. 

1. Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

When you hear the term “eco-friendly bathroom,” your mind probably goes to some boring minimalistic design. However, this is far from the case. You can create an eco-friendly bathroom with features like bamboo floors, blinds, and reclaimed wood furniture. 

You can also take your space to the next level with water-saving features, driftwood soap dishes, bamboo toilet paper, and more. Not only will this bathroom be better on the environment, but it will also create a natural, comforting space.

2. Artsy Bathrooms

There are a couple directions you can head in when it comes to designing a more artsy bathroom. For starters, you can draw inspiration from the Arts and Crafts era by using artisan tiles, hand-crafted furnishings, and vintage-inspired features. You can even add a vanity and armoire to really tie everything together.

You can also go for a more retro vibe with an ‘80s-style bathroom that is dated on purpose. Utilize neon colors and geometric shapes such as octagonal mirrors, funky picture frames, and square tubs that will really make your space stand out. 

3. Industrial Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a hipper aesthetic for your space, creating an industrial bathroom is the way to go. Going about this bathroom style is pretty straightforward. Start with using exposed beams and pipes, mismatched fixtures, and neutral color palettes like browns, grays, and blacks.

4. Modern-Sleek Bathrooms

There are other ways to create a modern bathroom, too, including using primary colors and geometric shapes that will make your space pop. Pair that will a rectangular tub and vintage subway tile flooring, and you’ve got yourself a sleek, modern space.

You can also create a modern space by using a simple white throughout your bathroom, from the countertops to the bath or shower. White bathrooms make your space seem clean and pure, which can make your space seem more inviting. Opt for features such as:

  • White Marble or Quartz Countertops
  • Alabaster White Bathtubs and Showers
  • Egyptian White Cotton Linens
  • White Curtains

…and more! 

5. Coastal Charm Bathrooms

Bring the feeling of the sea to your bathroom with pale blues, whites, and tans. You can use driftwood or sand-colored flooring, white walls, and a pale blue ceiling and additional tile accents. The good news is this design is quite popular, especially in Florida, so you won’t have many issues finding features to bring your space together.

6. Villa Bathrooms

If you’re looking for a more old-timey, charming feel for your bathroom, consider designing a villa-inspired space with unique paint and tiles on your walls. Great additions for this space include marble basics, antique gold or bronze fixtures, and more.

7. Nature Themed Bathrooms

There are a few different ways to go about creating a bathroom that leans on nature. For starters, you can go for a safari-inspired space featuring animal prints and photos. Depending on which animal you choose, the rest of your bathroom’s style will fall into place.

You can also go for a woodland forest that features hardwood floors, dark green walls, and spacious showers with waterfall fixtures. Conversely, you can choose light hardwood floors and a diverse palette of greens.

8. Southwestern Bathrooms

Southwestern-themed bathrooms feature bright, sandy colors that will bring the desert into your home in a beautiful way. Check out red rock-inspired floor tiles, bright walls, and paintings of canyons, sunsets, and more. We suggest using whites, tans, creams, and other warm colors to bring your space to life. 

9. Rustic Bathrooms

Many standard bathrooms feel clean and sterile, but there are other ways to decorate your space. If you’re going for a more rustic vibe, consider creating a mountain cabin-inspired space. You can use knotty pine panels for the walls and slate flooring as well as rustic prints and reclaimed wood throughout. To top everything off, add a few houseplants.

10. Moroccan/Bohemian Bathrooms

Take rustic to the next level with hanging lanterns, a sunken tub, and a beautiful new shower that creates a romantic and relaxing Moroccan spa that meets all your wants and needs. To really breathe life into the style, use rich colors and lush fabrics around your space.

You can also create a more eclectic, Bohemian bathroom with patterned rugs, freestanding tubs, and lighter colors throughout. Add a few plants, and you’ll have a comfortable, fun space you love.

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